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Bangladesh has achieved tremendous progress as a nation, with Gross Domestic Product rising at around 7 percent every year in the last few years. Bangladesh’s ranking in Human Development Report 2018 has improved by 3 notches. Bangladesh is on a strong track to becoming a Middle-Income Country by 2021 and demonstrates strong ownership to attain the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. In this context disaster management is playing a vital role in protecting growth and preventing disaster led damage. Over the years Bangladesh’s disaster caused mortality rate has significantly reduced and the country showed its leadership in the successful management of high impact disasters and developing related strategies, policies, plans and laws.However,with the incremental impact of climate change, rapid and unplanned urbanization and industrialization, the economic loss due to disasters is increasing very significantly and threatening Bangladesh’s sustainable development. As Bangladesh hopes to gradate Least Developed Country (LDC) category by 2024, disaster risk reduction still remains a key priority of the Government of Bangladesh, which is also reflected in it’s 7th Five Year Plan and various national policies. Bangladesh has also adopted global frameworks like SDGs, Sendai Framework, and the Paris Agreement etc.Based on past achievements and lessons, Bangladesh is committed to maintaining a wholistic and mainstreamed approach.