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NRP’s Implementation Mechanism

NRP’s Implementation Mechanism

It is well understood that securing development gains through disaster risk management and risk-informed planning will require an all-of-society approach and broad engagement across government sectoral and ministerial lines. Accordingly, the NRP strategically takes an approach that engages the following ministries as government cooperating agencies:

clientThe Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief (MoDMR) due to its mandate, expertise and structure for disaster risk management and implementation of the Sendai Framework;

clientThe Planning Commission, due to its responsibility for the country’s overall socioeconomic planning and financial policies, including the approval of all government revenue and development programme projects;

clientThe Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MoWCA) due to its mandate for ensuring the rights and supporting the empowerment of women;

clientThe Local Government Division (LGD), as it is mandated for local level infrastructure planning and development.