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NRP Structure


Figure 1: National Resilience Programme Governance Structure

Joint Programme Steering Committee
Chair: Secretary MoDMR
Members: Representative of the ERD, MOWCA MoP, MoLGRDC, LGED, MoSW
Representatives from SIDA, DFID, Head of Agency or delegated official from UNDP, UNWOMEN, UNOPS.
Member Secretary: National Programme Coordinator, NRP

Joint Programme Implementation Committee
Chair: National Programme Coordinator NRP
Members: Project directors (PDs) fromDDM, DWA, LGED, Programming Division
Technical focal points fromUNDP, UNOPS, UNWOMEN

Sub-Project 1: DDM
Sub-Project 2:
Programming Division,
Planning Commission
Sub-Project 3: DWA
Sub-Project 4: